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Hot Summer Nights = More Bed bug Bites

The numbers don’t lie - analysis of monthly services calls by American pest management companies reveals hot summer months mean bed bug season is upon us.

BC Housing Bed Bug Problems Continue

An ongoing bed bug infestation plagues Steeves Manor, Vancouver. Without a silver bullet to kill bed bugs on the horizon, education and early detection remains the most efficient avenue to control bed bugs. Learn the signs of bed bugs and employ a bed bug dog to inspect for bed bugs if you suspect you have been exposed.

I’ve Been Bitten — I Must Have Bed Bugs! Or Do I?

You sense something crawling across your skin. You itch. The area turns red. It swells. The itch persists. You listen to a news report about bed bugs. You scratch again and think bed bugs. Do you know a bed bug 'bite' is one possible cause of these symptoms? There are others...

Bed Bug Risk Management: Help Is At Hand

Comprehensive bed bug insurance program is welcome news for landlords, hotels, student housing, and both recreational and business travellers at risk for bed bug infestations. This helping hand in bed bug risk management is the result of a skilful strategic partnership between Aon Risk Solutions, Global Excess Partners (GEP) and Terminix.

Manitoba Grants Funds To Fight Bed Bugs

Financial aid is on the way for bed bug infested Winnipeg. Manitoba has set itself as a leader by recognizing the significant challenge to fight bed bugs and the significant financial hardship for those involved in the battle.