WHY We Are Different

We’re the same but very different

Although bed bug dog companies offer similar services, Bed Bug Mutts stands apart from the crowd.


Bed Bug Mutts stands out in the crowd.

Bed Bug Mutts stands out in the crowd.

Our approach is not fearful or intimidating. No gloom and doom here. You will actually feel better after speaking with us. We take a common sense, logical approach to bed bug detection, explaining bed bug biology and behaviour so you understand 'what to do to' and, just as important, 'what not to do'.

We are early bed bug detection specialists - that is our focus. We are not exterminators. We find bed bugs. Period. You can count on us for an unbiased inspection.

We love our independence and protect our integrity. That is why we follow the 'show me the bed bug' protocol; meaning, should the dog alert (indicating she detects bed bugs), we search for physical evidence to verify her alert.