Which Sniffer Dog Inspection Suits My Needs?

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Could your bottom line be affected by bed bugs?    What about litigation? Are you at risk?  A Pro-Active K9 Inspection by Bed Bug Mutts will avoid the development of bed bug problem.

The Pro-Active route is a regularly scheduled patrol for bed bugs by a certified bed bug dog and handler.  The timing of the inspection is dependent upon your need – monthly, quarterly or as your needs dictate.

The purpose of the sniffer dog inspection is to avert a bed bug infestation—to stop an initial bed bug foot-hold from progressing into a full blown infestation.

The benefits are:

  • reduced remediation costs,
  • minimal disruption to your normal routine, and
  • your business risk is significantly lowered

Rest assured knowing every possible mitigation step has been professionally carried out by Bed Bug Mutts' Pro-Active K9 Inspection.

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Do you have reason to suspect bed bugs?  Been travelling?  Do you have unexplained bites?  Bed Bug Mutts Targeted K9 Inspection will relieve your concerns.

A Targeted Canine Inspection is for the person who has:

  • Been travelling or
  • Been exposed to bed bugs or
  • Unexplained bites

The purpose of the sniffer dog inspection is to rule out bed bugs as a threat.

The benefits, of a bed bug dog inspection, is reduced anxiety should the results of the inspection be negative.

Should the unfortunate result be positive, the benefits are:

  • minium remediation costs,
  • normal routine will have minimal disruption,
  • unnecessary treatment avoided in unaffected areas and
  • peace of mind knowing the solution is close at hand.
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You just had a bed bug treatment.  Did it work?  Are the bugs gone?  A Bed Bug Mutts Post-Treatment K9 Inspection will put your mind at ease.

A Post-Treatment Canine Inspection is a follow-up to a bed bug treatment.  The purpose of the inspection is quality control.  The results of the bed bug dog inspection will answer the question:

“Was the treatment successful – did any bugs or eggs survive exposure to the control method?”

The benefits of a bed bug sniffer dog inspection are:

  • remediation costs lowered,
  • pesticides minimized, and
  • a reduced anxiety level knowing the bed bugs have been eradicated.

Note:  the timing of the inspection is dependent upon the control method used.

Call to arrange your canine-assisted inspection.  We will answer your questions and ask some of our own.

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