When Is A Bed Bug Dog Needed?

If You Suspect Bed Bugs And Want An Answer Now

A certified sniffer dog will:

  • rule out bed bugs as the cause of mystery bites
  • ensure a prior treatment was successful
  • confirm current protocols are effective


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Rule Out Bed Bugs As A Cause For Concern

If someone has:

  • Been exposed to bed bugs
  • Recently acquired used furniture
  • Returned from a trip on a plane, cruise ship or train or
  • Recently stayed at a hotel or motel

A Targeted Bed Bug K9 Inspection will rule out bed bugs as the cause of mystery bites.


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Confirm Bed Bug Treatment Was Successful

A professionally trained scent detection K9 and handler will be able to confirm, within 95% to 97% accuracy, the presence of live bed bugs or viable eggs. Correct and professional on-going scent detection training regimes includes ensuring the dog does not alert on dead bed bugs or non-viable bed bug eggs.

A Post-Treatment Bed Bug K9 Inspection validates treatment success. 

Note:  a period of time must pass before a Post-Treatment K9 Inspection as each remedial measure requires time for the product(s) or technique(s) to do their job and the length of time is relative to the type of treatment.


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Validate Quality Assurance

Validate your current bed bug detection measures for your property, home or business from the continued threat of bed bugs, with regular inspections, tailored to your schedule and level of bed bug risk.

A Pro-Active K9 Inspection ensures protocols and personnel are performing as planned.

Pro-Active Inspections may be scheduled for fixed periods, e.g. quarterly, monthly or bi-monthly, or as your need, schedule and budget allow.