Hot Summer Nights = More Bed bug Bites

We have entered the bed bug season, specifically July through September; a time of peak bed bug activity, prompting a peak in service calls for pest control companies.

The pattern of increased activity is readily apparent in each of the years' summer months represented in the graph below. The ‘shoulder’ months of June and October also exhibit periods of escalating bed bug activity.

Monthly Bed Bug Services Graph.png

Bed Bug Initial Service Totals By Month

Increase In Bed Bug Movement

Although the increased frequency of travel during these strong vacation months may be a contributing factor, it is more probable, the increase is due to the link between higher temperatures and bed bug heightened activity and shortened reproduction cycles. The report states:

“Previous studies have shown that bed bugs develop from an egg to adult in 66 days at 17.778 C/64 F, but this developmental time dramatically decreases to only 14 days at 27.778 C/ 82 F. This increase in development combined with an increase in bed bug movement in warmer temperatures is probably largely the reason for an increase in activity during the warmer months.”

Air Conditioning Benefit?

Those with the option of central air conditioning to offset summer’s higher temperatures may not experience the same degree of increased bed bug movement and shortened reproduction cycles. Air conditioning will not stop a bed bug infestation, but it could slow it down a bit.

These statistics come from the desk of Jeff White, Technical Director of BedBug Central. The number of bed bug service calls were compiled from five American pest management companies for a 51 month period from January 2008 to April 2012. Three of the companies contributing were Adams Pest Control, Johnson Pest Control and Cooper Pest Solutions (the other companies were not identified) from various regions – Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Mid-west and Northwest.

It is notable some large national companies are missing from the study, as is representation from the Mid-Pacific and Southwest. These exclusions do not mean the conclusions are inaccurate as many pest professional’s field experiences had led them to similar conclusions, if only anecdotal.

Early Bed Bug Detection Is Critical

What it does mean, is that this summer early bed bug detection is even more critical to ward off a bed bug infestation. Installation of passive bed bug monitors, like the recommended BB Alert Passive Monitor, is your early warning system. And should you come in contact with a known bed bug infestation; a bed bug dog inspection will put your mind at ease.