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A Tale of Two Species of Bed Bugs

Mark Sheperdigian delves into the "The Great Bed Bug Resurgence", in a recent blog post of the Pest Management Professional. He reviews the impact of the common bed bug and the tropical bed bug; seems one or the other is dominant depending upon the location world wide. Read the article here:  Bed Bugs:  A Tale of two Species

Principal author of the Australian Bed Bug Code of Practice, Stephen Doggett, clarified in the comments section:

the tropical bed bug is the most prevalent species between the latitudes of roughly 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south. Thus in addition to Singapore and Malaysia, this also includes Africa, India, Australia, and some of the first reports of the species were from South and Central America.

Bed Bug Bite Side Effects: A Public Health Threat

This research paper examines the social impacts of bed bug infestations as a public health menace. Public policy and procedures to address the problem of bed bugs ought to be framed in this context, moving the problem of bed bugs from a ‘nuisance’ or a ‘pest’ to a ‘public health threat’.

Michigan Manual for the Prevention and Control of Bed Bugs

A comprehensive guide to identify, treat, manage and prevent bed bugs should be included in your bed bug library. Although a good reference point, with few shortfalls, keep in mind the laws/regulations are specific to Michigan. Canadian provincial pest management regulations differ from American. Check into your own provincial and municipal laws/regulations before embarking upon a course of action. An ounce of knowledge is worth more than a gallon of pesticide.