New Soldier Old Battle

Press Release 20111110 Maple Ridge BC

As we observe Remembrance Day and honour those that sacrificed for our betterment, a small, secretive force our soldiers faced in the past, remains today. An integral role to defeat this enemy lies in a new twist on a modern military specialized task force.

Tents, Bunks, Sleeping Bags Invaded

The soldier of the past faced more than the enemy on the battlefield. Cryptic foes so small and so cautious were only seen when their numbers indicated an invasion in tents, bunks and sleeping bags – a major infestation of bed bugs. The bed bug battle was initially fought with chemical warfare of DDT and Malathion. Bed bugs disappeared along with the need for vigilance. Slowly, bed bugs rebuilt their numbers developing resistance to the pesticides. Our propensity for moving between cities and world-wide has allowed bed bug hitch-hikers to quickly re-claim territories. An affluent lifestyle provides more clutter and more belongings afford bed bug friendly harbourages. We have lost our grand-parents and great-grandparents mindset of heightened awareness about all things bed bugs. Bed bugs are appearing where they once did years ago – beyond homes and hotels and in libraries, theatres, restaurants, retail stores, day care centres, police stations, ambulances and offices.   

Specialized Task Force - MWD

Bed But Mutts' bed bug dog, Loola Loo.The soldier of the last 40 years benefited from a specialized task force – Military Working Dogs (MWD). During the Vietnam War, approximately 5,000 US MWD served, credited with saving over 10,000 servicemen. 232 MWD were killed in action. Today’s MWD have advanced from the role of messenger and guard dog to detection of bombs and enemy snipers. The MWD has proven both versatile and loyal. From this background developed a new specialized force in early bed bug detection – the bed bug dog. Like drug and bomb scent detection dogs, a bed bug dog is three times more accurate using their nose than a human performing the same task using their eyes. The dog sniffs out the bed bugs location before the population become obvious; key information to defeat the enemy and avoid expensive remediation.

Bed Bug Mutts, is BC’s only independent canine bed bug detection service. Please join Loola Loo this Friday at 11 am to honour the brave and loyal servicemen and MWD who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Spread the word, not the bed bug.