Bed Bugs Dog

How Do I Detect Bed Bugs?With a fast four-legged solution - a bed bug dog. Accurate.  Reduces costs.  Lowers pesticide exposure.

Detective Bed Bug


Stop a bed bug explosion through early detection – with an inspection by a bed bugs dog sniffer.  Canine scent detection services are well-known for accurate narcotics and bomb inspections, while new detector dogs for cancer, bootleg DVDs, narcotics, cadavers, firearms, mold, termites, e-coli, salmonella and even illegal cell phones smuggled into prisons— are emerging services. Bed bug k9s are in high demand as an accurate and fast confirmation a bed bug infestation.

How Do Dogs Detect Bed Bugs?

While we smell the aroma of a freshly baked apple pie, a sniffer dog discerns all the ingredients individually:  flour, salt, shortening, water, eggs, sugar, cinnamon apples and butter.  A dog has the ability to discriminate a single drop of water diluted into the combined capacity of 20 Olympic-size swimming pools.

A bed bug sniffing dog has been specifically chosen for their suitability for the job:  personality, drive, health and disposition.  The dog is less intrusive than a human inspector, friendly with people, gentle with children and the customers’ health is treated with care and attention.

As a team, dog and handler, are able to find bed bugs in seams, creases, tufts and folds of mattresses and box springs, cracks in bed frames, underneath chairs and chesterfields, between cushions of upholstered furniture, underneath area rugs and the carpets edges, between the folds of drapery and curtains, in nightstands and dresser drawers, behind baseboards, around doors and window casings, behind electrical plates and walls, under loose wallpaper, paintings and posters, in cracks in plaster, and in telephones, radios, electronics and in vehicles.  A canine bed bug detective is able to ‘sniff’ out a single live bed bug or viable egg in these situations with 97% accuracy.  A human’s visual inspection has an accuracy between 20 to 45%.  The dog is also faster to accurately pinpoint the hot spots, as the dog is relying upon their superior sense of smell to find the bed bug.

Bedbug sniffing dogs are cost effective.  The time savings = reduced labour costs and the accuracy = minimized pesticide use and exposure.

What Do I Do Next?

To confirm if you do or do not have bed bugs, locate a bed bug detection dog near you:

  • If you live in British Columbia, Canada, Bed Bug Mutts is your solution how to detect bed bugs;
  • You may call us at 604.460.0124.  Every caller is treated with respect and your privacy will always be protected.
  • You may contact us by e-mail at  We read through each and every piece of communication, and do our best to respond to every email.

Remember to discuss your expectations and the procedures with the handler, e.g.

  • Is the inspection company also a pest control firm?
  • If the dog has been trained to more than one scent, does the handler know how to differentiate the dog’s alert of one over the other?
  • Is the search protocol for live bed bugs and viable eggs only and not for fecal stains, cast skins, empty eggs and dead bugs which could indicate an old, inactive infestation?

Ask about the “Show me the bug" protocol; a professional handler will make a concentrated effort to visually confirm the dog’s alert.