Rehab Centre Closed By Bed Bugs

With the onset of winter, Vancouver’s homeless are expected to fill shelters to capacity in their search for a warm bed for the night.  Vancouver would do well to learn from Montreal’s bed bug problem at Centre Bonsecours.

Bed Bugs Entrenched

A persistent and entrenched bed bug infestation has forced the closure of their main building, including 30 beds for homeless and addicted clients. Furniture is piled along the walls and mattresses have been stripped of their linens. Program Coordinator Gaetan Briere reports:

“We had to pull up the baseboards” in an effort to combat the bed bug invasion.”

Empty Building Waits for Funding

The building sits empty while the Centre waits funding from the city of Montreal and the provincial government. Those who are lucky enough to find shelter at the centre are crammed into the remaining 23 two-room units; single-occupancy units housing triple capacity. Every day 15 to 20 homless requesting drug and alcohol treatment are turned away, according to Centre Director Josee Ricard.

Worst Outcome Possible

This is an example of the worst possible outcome when a bed bug infestation is not controlled in the early stages – before a bed bug population explosion. The opportunity of re-infestation also increases with transient clientele – whether it is a rehab centre, theatre or hotel; the more people through the doors, the more likely bed bugs will be transferred.

Protect yourself, your home, your business and your family. Know the signs of bed bugs.  Install passive bed bug monitors, like the BB Alert. If you suspect exposure to bed bugs, hire a bed bug dog for a fast, accurate bed bug inspection.