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Quick Bed Bug Tip

If bed bugs were left behind by your guests or hitched a ride along with your vacation momentos, the time is now to identify an infestation before it grows. Bed bug fecal is themost common evidence of bed bugs and if you know where to look, and have the right tools, it can be fast and easy to positively identify this physical evidence.

Hot Summer Nights = More Bed bug Bites

The numbers don’t lie - analysis of monthly services calls by American pest management companies reveals hot summer months mean bed bug season is upon us.

Bed Bug Risk Management: Help Is At Hand

Comprehensive bed bug insurance program is welcome news for landlords, hotels, student housing, and both recreational and business travellers at risk for bed bug infestations. This helping hand in bed bug risk management is the result of a skilful strategic partnership between Aon Risk Solutions, Global Excess Partners (GEP) and Terminix.

Bed Bug Bite Side Effects: A Public Health Threat

This research paper examines the social impacts of bed bug infestations as a public health menace. Public policy and procedures to address the problem of bed bugs ought to be framed in this context, moving the problem of bed bugs from a ‘nuisance’ or a ‘pest’ to a ‘public health threat’.