Could This Be The 'Silver Bullet' To Kill Bed Bugs?

Dr. Corby Schal, Entomologist at North Carolina State University, is working towards the development of a 4-part ‘silver bullet’ to kill bed bugs.  His design consists of:

  1. An attractant to draw bed bugs out.
  2. An enticement to ensure the bed bugs feed on the liquid bait.
  3. An effective insecticide, fungus or bacterial agent in the bait.
  4. An amplification of the kill rate as the bed bug transfers the bait back to the harbourage creating a domino killing effect.

His research group, funded by a recent Chancellor’s innovation grant, is also examining the psychological impact inherent in battling a bed bug infestation.  Dr. Schal states:

“Bed bugs are actually a very important health concern.  And so I think it’s important to convince both the public and federal agencies that bed bugs indeed are a very important medical concern.”

Kudos to Dr. Corby Schal, for recognizing the significant public health concerns of bed bugs and for reaching for that bed bug solution.

To watch video click here.