More Bed Bugs Are Coming

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Often we are able to look to the past to predict the future, and bed bug futures are no different. Revenue estimates for the Canadian Pest Control industry during 2009-14 is projected at $393.1 million, a rise of 4.1% by IBISWorld Canada.

Residental Segment To Increase

While the industry’s client base has been mainly commercial, increased housing demand has pulled along growth of the residential pest control segment. Add increased consumer spending at eateries and bars and the downstream benefactors reach beyond these businesses and their employees.

More Opportunity for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs will benefit too – increased socialization translates to increased opportunity for transference. Increased housing starts translate to more homes to infest, with multi-dwelling buildings more vulnerable; exactly where downsizing baby boomers are heading. 

IBISWorld Industry Analyst Stephen Morea specified bed bugs have led robust growth of the pest control industry:

The rising ubiquity of these nighttime critters has fuelled demand for pest extermination professionals, underpinning robust revenue growth.
— Pest Control in Canada Market Research Report | NAICS 56171CA | Apr 2014

We have already witnessed the influx of bed bugs beyond residential arenas into commercial establishments as headlines announce libraries, retail stores, theatres and fitness centre infestations.

More and Stronger Regulations

ISIBWorld Canada also points out two other factors to spur the pest control industry's growth:

  1. government food service regulations will deliver a continous demand for pest control services; and
  2. stronger regulations directed at certain over-the-counter insecticide products is anticipated which will check competition in some product areas.

This has already begun in the States with the EPA fining Bogus Bed Bug Products manufacturers. Keep in mind, this last point could actually help to reduce the spread of infestations, as these products have proven to disperse infestations.

The good news is that where there is growth, there are funds to stimulate and expand new developments. Given the bed bugs natural insecticide resistance, more professionals will probably promote a thermal-based solution. Done right (bit of an art and a science) it is a one-time solution. Like any solution there are downsides – price springing to mind first. 

Alternate Solution Limits Spread of Bed Bugs

There is another avenue, a cost-effective one, to curtail the spread of bed bugs – Early Bed Bug DetectionEBBD for brevity. When an infestation is discovered early, remediation is quicker and cheaper. How do you detect any infestation in the early stages? Start with education – know the enemy. Follow with monitoring protocols - early warning tools. And if your bed bug risk is high, (e.g. frequent traveller, professional exposure) quality control checks will ensure your protocols are working. It is true, more bed bugs are coming and now is the time prepare.

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