Bed Bug Buzz — The Latest High

When it comes to articles about the latest and greatest news on bed bugs a healthy dose of skepticism is your best approach. The World Wide Web wires are buzzing with news of the so called latest teen high - smoking or injecting bed bugs. Although your first thought may be “kids are stupid these days” – don’t be fooled. It is a spoof.

The Fake Video

Someone edited the original ABC news footage, over-writing the text and substituting bed bugs for hash oil. You can compare the fake video (above), “Battle Over Bed Bugs The Secret Way Kids Are Getting Their High” to the origina (below)l “The Dangers of “Dabbing”  Experts:  Use of Butane Hash Oil On The Rise”. Too bad April 1st has already passed.

The Original Video

Posted on April 8, 2014 and filed under news & events.