Ivermectin - Future Bed Bug Cure?


A press release by Burness Communications (a PR firm for non-profits), provides a reference to an unlikely bed bug solution. The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 61st Annual Meeting in Altlanta Georgia this November 11-15 is to be the largest gathering of leading experts from around the world who are battling increasing threats of malaria, polio, dengue fever, cholera, tick-borne diseases, and drug-resistant tuberculosis. Among the scientific papers to be released is a preliminary report on evidence of the drug ivermectin as a single dose, presumable preventative, treatment for bed bugs. Ivermectin, or  Mectizan in Canada, Stromectol in the US, is a broad-spectrum antiparasitic agent.

Caution: Bed Bugs Off Label

Bed bugs is presently an off-label use, as it more commonly used in veterinary care, e.g. heart-worm in dogs and ear mites in cats.  More recently, there is support for use against arthropods and related parasitic skin diseases such as mites and scabies at advanced stages. It is worth noting, some canine breeds and some kittens have exhibited a senstivity to the drug's toxic effects.

Possible Bed Bug Side Kill?

The manufacturer, Merck, has been donating ivermectin to fight river blindnesss in countries unable to afford the drug. According to the World Health Organization, the disease is rampant in 30 African countries, six Latin American countries, and Yemen. Just wondering, but perhaps, someone noticed a side-effect that bed bugs were also impacted? We can always hope. It would be fitting, as the bed bug population was once a side-kill of widespread use of DDT to battle roach infestations.


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Updated information released at an  nual conference.

Posted on August 3, 2012 .