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New Bed Bug Help Guide Available In Canada

Do You Have Bed Bugs? A help guide for the identification of BED BUG infestations by global bed bug expert Stephen L. Doggett is the latest tool in the fight against bed bugs. It is a current and complete guide to bed bugs, their life stages, signs for early detection, with clear instructions in a straight-forward no-nonese approach. Packed with over 70 colourful and helpful images, the reader learns what specifically to be on the look-out where bed bugs are concerned.

I’ve Been Bitten — I Must Have Bed Bugs! Or Do I?

You sense something crawling across your skin. You itch. The area turns red. It swells. The itch persists. You listen to a news report about bed bugs. You scratch again and think bed bugs. Do you know a bed bug 'bite' is one possible cause of these symptoms? There are others...

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

What Do Bed Bug Bites Look Like? Bedbug bite marks are discernable in some, but not all people. Those that do display bed bug bites side effects show typical allergic reactions with a wide degree of severity and appearance.