New Bed Bug Help Guide Available In Canada

Global bed bug expert  Stephen L. Doggett, has published a handy guide to aid in the identification of bed bugs and their signs. 'Do you have Bed Bugs? A help guide for the identification of BED BUG infestations'  is now available in Canada, courtesy of Bed Bug Mutts.

A Complete And Helpful Guide

With this book in hand, you will be able to recognize the signs, the physical evidence bed bugs leave behind, like fecal spotting and exuviae (cast skins). These days bed bugs are popping up everywhere - learn how to avoid them, and just as important, if not more so how to recognize them no matter their life stage.

The 'Do you have Bed Bugs?' handbook has it all - colour photographs of the life cycle from an egg to the adult, details on where to look for the physical signs, plus what to do if you spot these signs and what not to do. And do not forget the glossary and handy reference section if you are hungry for more information. With over 70 colour images packed into 48 pages of the 16 X 16 CM (6 1/2 X 6 1/2 in) reference guide it is easily tucked into your bag or suitcase or shared with a friend. Keep it hand - guarantee you have the details for identification when you need it.

About The Author


Stephen Doggett stands out in the Who's Who of the bed bug world. He is the principle author of two global standards on bed bugs and their control – ‘A Code of Practice for the Control of Bed Bug Infestations in Australia’ and  ‘A Bed Bug Management Policy & Procedural Guide for Accommodation Providers’ . He is consulted by pest management professionals, health care workers, hoteliers, and the media as well as sought after for speaking engagements. He is also an internationally awarded photographer of insects - the 70 plus colour images in the guide are outstanding.

Limited Offer

My partner, Sheree, had the fortune to meet the author, Stephen Doggett, and was able to acquire a limited number of copies. Once these are gone the price unfortunately will rise as cartage costs (from Australia) will have to be covered. While stocks lasts, we are able to pass along this saving to fellow Canadians.

Do you have Bed Bugs?
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