Surrey School Controls Bed Bugs Outbreak

Surrey school district.jpg

Late yesterday News1130 reported an unspecified Surrey school went through the rigors of a bed bug eradication - several weeks ago.

To the dismay of Surrey parents, Surrey school district will not name the specific school, although local parents were informed of the outbreak. Students were transferred to another class room and several desks were discarded - hopefully the suspect desks were appropriately labelled. All bedbug infested items should be sealed in plastic (don't want those nasty pests dropping off as it is carted down the hall) to be treated. If not salvageable, the furniture should be labelled as "Bed Bugs - Do Not Reuse" and disposed of appropriately.

No evidence was discovered that these nasty pests had spread beyond the one room. Once again, early bed bug detection and quick remedial action, has proven effective.