Buyer Beware: Bed Bugs May Be Included

Garage Sale Season is open and, although the weather in the Pacific Northwest is not cooperating - the rain will not stop bed bugs. They may be hitch-hiking a free ride on that steal of a deal from the neighbourhood yard sale and straight into your home.  In the video below, the advice from this Ontario public health official is warranted, but could have gone further.

A visual inspection of items before bringing them home is no guarantee, nor is washing with hot water and soap sufficient.  Items that can go in the dryer, should be placed in a plastic bag and tied shut before placing in your vehicle.  Once in your home, remove the contents out of the bag and directly place in your dryer.  Run on high for 30 minutes.  Be sure to tie the bag shut again and dispose in an outside garbage container.

Heat and steam treatments have a much higher success rate, but for greater peace of mind, a bed bug dog inspection of those flea market finds is the answer.