Bed Bugs At The Vancouver YMCA

robert lee ymca vancouver.jpg

Photo by Concert Properties Ltd.Manager Vinh Truong has confirmed a bed bug infestation at the Robert Lee downtown YMCA, specifically the men and women's lockers and on the fith floor as well. Eradication measures will begin Saturday, December 10th, followed again one week later.

It would be advisable, if you have used these facilities, to have your own accommodations checked for signs of bed bugs. The chance you picked up a hitch-hiker is always present though it is relative to the size of the infestation - not to mention, just plain bad luck. Early detection is the single biggest factor to keep the costs of bed bug eradication at a minimum and lessen the inconvenience and stress levels created by battling bed bugs. 

Know the signs - fecal stains, cast skins and live bed bugs. Know what bed bug eggs, and nymphal stages look like - so you can recognize them. Install bed bug passive monitors - we recommend the BB Alert - or have your home inspected by a bed bug dog for peace of mind and the health of your family.

Posted on December 9, 2011 .