Bed Bug Art Is A Public Service

Coclick on image to enlargenuld you do with a novel and humorous perspective on bed bugs? New York’s street artist, Hunter Fine, has created nine miniature bed bug hotels, and super-glued each installation to the façade of known tenement buildings with bed bug infestations. This novel and creative art project is really a public service to warn perspective tenants and motivate the landlords into action. Mr. Fine states on the Tumblr site for the initiative:

“We are an informative and benevolent group of citizens who care about information. We want to warn people before they move into a building that has bed bugs. Copycats welcome. Send your pics and we’ll post your own bed bug hotels.”.

He further encourages DIY installations by printing the pictures of his hotels from Tumblr and post where confirmed bed bug infestations are problematic.  My favourite unit is the Bed Bug Bed & Breakfast – they probably have a special for lunch and dinner too!

Posted on October 28, 2011 and filed under news & events.