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Effective Bed Bug Repellent for Luggage - Maybe...


Protect your luggage

from bed bugs?

A study at Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station and Bedoukian Research, Inc., showed promise to reduce the number of bed bugs attracted to the dirty laundry in luggage. The Journal of Medical Entomology, published John Anderson, Ph.D., and colleagues research on the effectiveness of eight compounds to reduce the risk of picking up hitchhikers. 

It will be awhile before any of these products hit the market, but it does look promising and although not 100% effective, the products may be worth the price for that extra edge of reassurance. Remember - doing a visual search yourself of the bed and headboard - before you unpack your luggage is still the best preventative step when travelling; along with storing your luggage in the shower stall or bathtub and also isolating your dirty laundry in a zip lock bag.

Posted on February 12, 2018 and filed under news & events.

Winnipeg Mayor Wants To Spread The Word, Not The Bed Bug

Winnipeg’s Mayor wants the province and the city to do more to inform the public about bed bugs. He’s right; ‘spread the word, not the bed bug’ is the first step to kill bed bugs.