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Mystery of The Dead Bed Bugs in Burnaby Library

Bob Pettrie Metrotown branch The Bob Petrie Metrotown library branch had a bed bug incident.  Several dead bed bugs were discovered in the thriller-mystery section after a lone dead bed bug was found in a book in the same section last week.  The library responded with professional pest control measures – a sniffer dog to seek out live bed bugs, followed with heat-treating the books and steam-cleaning of the shelves for the area where the dead bed bugs were located.  The library went the extra step of contacting recent readers of their thriller-mystery books.

Hubs of Distribution

Locations such as libraries, schools, theatres and public transportation are occassionally the site of an infestation.  They more commonly serve as a hub for bed bug distribution - a transfer point.  A hitch-hiking bed bug may be transported in a purse, backpack or even a coat collar – any convenient hiding spot that offers a tiny, dark harbourage.  The bag is placed on the floor of the library and the bug clambers off in search of a meal or a more secure, stable harbourage - another purse, backpack, coat collar or a convenient nook on a book shelf.  Jean Kavanagh, Vancouver Public Library’s Communications Manager, confirmed some local libraries have already encountered this pest and each incident involved only a few bugs – indicating discovery of the pests was very early in each incident.

Early Detection Is Key

Early detection is the key to control bed bugs and control remediation costs.  The use of bed bug dogs is the quickest and most accurate method to confirm the presence of bed bugs – as employed in the Bob Prittie branch.  Bed bug dogs are also the best choice as a pro-active measure – with regularly scheduled canine inspections – to ensure bed bugs are always detected early.

Bed Bug Mutts offers both targeted and pro-active bed bug canine inspections in Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Maple Ridge, White Rock, Delta, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Mission, Langley and Chilliwack; man’s best friend for early bed bug detection.

Winnipeg Mayor Wants To Spread The Word, Not The Bed Bug

Winnipeg’s Mayor wants the province and the city to do more to inform the public about bed bugs. He’s right; ‘spread the word, not the bed bug’ is the first step to kill bed bugs.