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Every Little Bit Helps In The Bed Bug Fight

What is a hotel to do with bed linens that no longer meet their standards, yet remain in good condition with serviceable life remaining? 


The bed sheets and blankets could be collected and distributed to families in social housing that have had to discard their linens due to the ravages of a bed bug infestation.

Kudos to the Hyatt Regency Vancouver - for doing just that - donating serviceable bed linens to families suffering from bed bugs.

The hotel also donates surplus food that had been intened for conventions and went unused. Angel Food Runners a program of the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society) distributes the food where it’s most needed. 

How did this win-win relationship develop? Rita Fung, Hyatt's HR Manager, contacted the Vancouver Sun looking for solutions to avoid food waste, who put them in touch with Strathcona Community Centre, who connected them with the Angel Food Runners. Business and Comunity working together.