How Do You Choose a Bed Bug Sniffer?

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Our Bed Bug K9 Pack

Why they are so effective…

Our current pack of bed bug dogs numbers four - Loola Loo semi-retired (black lab purebred), Lillie Loo (border collie lab cross), Hitch-a-roo, (black lab) and Alley Oop (short hair pointer). Three are rescues out of California and Alabama and the fourth from here in BC. They have very different personalities (even the two labs), different strengths and different quirks. They all share a high play drive and a high sense of self-confidence; two key traits for an efficient and accurate scent detection canine, but not the only key traits necessary for a successful search time in and time out.

The following article, How To Choose A Dog For Scent Detection, authored by Master Trainer and our friend, David Latimer, is a good read to answer a frequent question we hear - how did you pick your bed bug sniffers?

Posted on January 25, 2019 .