Bite Me: The Bed Bug Invasion

CBC's the Doc Zone will present a 1-hour documentary on the growing and pervasive bed bug problem. Shot in Canada, the US and Thailand, the film exposes what experts are labelling a 'global pandemic'. 

"This fast paced film combines interviews with world-renowned experts and first-hand accounts from bed bug victims together with occasional light hearted moments to reveal the oversized impact these tiny pests are having on our daily lives."

Thursday, November 14, 2013 at 9 PM ET/PT on CBC-TV

Be Sure To Check Out

Between now and airtime, check out their website for a:

  • historical overview of "Us & The Bed Bugs: A Timeline"
  • mini bed bug anatomy lesson "Bed Bug:  Close Up"
  • humorous perspective of the bed bug's search for accommodation, "Wanted:  Roommate" 
  • witty look at 4 "Bed Bug Myths" and for a
  • stress release exercise, participate in "Bed Bugs:  The Game". 

On The Plus Side

From the perspective gleaned from the website and what the trailer hints at, this film should help 'spread the word', help in lifting the bed bug stigma, review best treatment options and educate the masses about "some DIY attempts you'd be "best not to try at home" (editor's emphasis).

On The Negative Side

On the flip side, on the website's 'Myths' page reference to bite marks and patterns for identification purposes perpetuates misinformation (bite marks are not evidence of bed bugs) and the emphasis should not be on the washer, but on the dryer as an effective pro-active method (most residential wash water is not hot enough to kill all stages of bed bugs). Despite these flaws, the program looks promising to raise awareness about the benefits of early bed bug detection.