Bed Bug Home Remedy Results in $30,000 Fire Damage

Fortunately no injuries were reported from an apartment fire that caused an estimated $30,000 in damages. The family had been using a bed bug home-remedy, isopropyl alcohol, dispensed from a spray bottle.  Firefighters report a cigarette ignited the vapors arising from the spray droplets.

Alcohol spray, as a bed bug killer, is a common DIY tool. Easily purchased with minimal cost, poured into a spray bottle and presto, the DIY'er is comforted with an apparent method to kill bed bugs.  And alcohol spray will kill bed bugs - when applied directly to the pest as a contact kill. Indiscriminantly spraying surfaces expecting a lasting residue to kill bed bugs will not work.  Alcohol only kills bed bugs when applied directly to the bed bug. Overuse or overspray is the wrong application; more is not better - it is dangerous. Read the full article at Firefighters:  Bedbug Spray To Blame For Apartment Fire

Posted on February 26, 2012 and filed under news & events.