Lloyd's: Growing Bed Bug Liability

"In view of the growing epidemic, all businesses should review their property and liability insurances and also think about how they would respond to bedbug related problems to do with staff or clients," – advice from Lloyd’s of London and one that should not be taken lightly given the source.

Regardless of Lloyd’s loose use of the term ‘epidemic’ [bed bugs do not transmit disease, albeit they are quite capable of wreaking havoc on your finances, day-to-day routines, and peace of mind], the business liability risk must be acknowledged and steps taken to mitigate that risk.

Although Americans delve into litigation on a much higher scale than Canadians – their tendencies are usually replicated north of the border; notably at lower dollar amounts, but still noteworthy for Canadian business interests.    Does $372,000 in punitive damages - 37 times the compensatory award in the case – grab your bottom line’s attention?  This award went to a bed bug bitten couple – lodgers at a chronically infested Chicago hotel.  Bed Bug Mutts' Pro-Active K9 bed bug inspections are designed to detect the early stages of an infestation and consequently mitigate such a financial blow (need we mention the adverse PR?).

As bed bugs are spreading and multiplying with the warmer weather approaching, education is the first step to limit their spread - “spread the word, not the bug”.  Prevention techniques and pro-active inspections for early bed bug detection run a close second and third on the eradication step ladder. Take action – educate yourself, protect your business by re-examining your property and liability insurance. Evaluate the major role bed bug dogs could play in your future.  The Ontario government set $5 million aside to support the bed bug fight.  What have you allocated?  What are you willing to risk?  A visit from a bed bug sniffing dog could be a business saver.

Bed bugs' bite also carries liability risk: Lloyd's