Bed Bugs Beyond Winnipeg's Bedrooms

Grannys Poultry.jpg

Bed bug incidents have been on the rise as infestations moved beyond Winnipeg’s bedrooms. Today it was revealed bed bugs nestled into the men’s locker room of Granny’s Poultry. Yesterday, Global Winnipeg announced the office building for MTS (365 Osborne St) fell foul to these vermin. One in a staff lounge couch, a second in a workstation computer monitor and a third specimen crushed into carpeting – all on the first floor of the building.

Overnight the bottom floor was treated with a liquid insecticide Dragnet SFR. The second floor will receive the same treatment and this will all be repeated in two weeks.  The MSDS (material safety data sheet) for Dragnet SFR lists permethrin as the active ingredient. The BC Ministry of Environment description:

“Permethrin is a contact insecticide with fast contact action and moderate to good residual activity. It has a broad spectrum of activity against flying and crawling structural insects, such as flies and cockroaches…It is virtually odourless.”

As any lingering odour dissipates overnight it is a suitable for office environments.

Bed Bug Code Of Practice

The 2011 Australian Bed Bug Code of Practice, led by Stephen J. Doggett, states this insecticide group has an excito-repellency effect and bed bugs are indeed repelled if applied incorrectly, e.g. at sub-lethal doses. Poor workmanship could spread the infestation making control more difficult and more expensive; a good reason to always call in professional pest management services.

Pesticide Resistant Bed Bug Strains

There are a growing number of bed bugs strains that have superior resistance of the lethal effects of pyrethroids, as discovered by a Virginia Tec research. Their study pinpointed deltamethrin and betacyfluthrin resistance requiring 5,200 and 111 more times the exposure to kill the bed bugs in the lab setting. Another good reason to call in professional pest management services – they know what works and what does not work in your location. The bed bug has definitely moved beyond the bedroom. Know the signs of a bed bug infestation to protect your business, your home and your family.

Posted on November 3, 2011 and filed under news & events.