Quick Bed Bug Tip

If bed bugs were left behind by your guests or hitched a ride along with your vacation momentos, the time is now to identify an infestation before it grows. Bed bug fecal is themost common evidence of bed bugs and if you know where to look, and have the right tools, it can be fast and easy to positively identify this physical evidence.

What Will Kill Bed Bugs? PackTite Closet

How to kill bed bugs with a bed bug killing machine? The PackTite Closet kills all stages of bedbugs with safe, chemical-free convection heat. The only portable heat chamber available for Canadians is also the best one.

Head Bugs Worse Than Bed Bugs?

For some individuals facing bed bugs gives rise to feelings of anxiety, insomnia, avoidance behaviours and obsessive behaviours. These may be indications of posttraumatic stress disorder.

Hot Summer Nights = More Bed bug Bites

The numbers don’t lie - analysis of monthly services calls by American pest management companies reveals hot summer months mean bed bug season is upon us.

Bombs For Bed Bugs Are Duds

The concept bombs are a cost-effective alternative to professional extermination services has exploded—bed bug bombs are duds. Ohio State University study proves bedbug bombs to be futile—the infestation is not controlled, money is wasted, and effective treatment is hindered. "The public is ill-served when products do not perform in accordance with labelling. Also, the ineffective use of these products can lead to further resistance in insects" states Susan Jones, urban entomologist with the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Ohio State University.
Posted on June 25, 2012 and filed under kill bed bugs, news & events, product reviews.