Bed Bug Blue™ Fecal Spot Detection Kit - Consumer Home Version

BBBFS Review copy.jpg
BBBFS Review copy.jpg

Bed Bug Blue™ Fecal Spot Detection Kit - Consumer Home Version


Bed Bug Blue™ quickly and accurately identifies bed bug fecal spotting in one minute. Easily remove all doubt when bed bugs are suspected.

Consumer Home version good for 9 tests.


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Simple to use, this patented solution easily rules out mascara, felt tip marker and natural wood discolourations, among many other mystery marks often confused and misidentified as bed bug fecal spotting – the most common visual sign of the presence of bed bugs.

This small testing kit is convenient and easily carried in your luggage or purse for quick and inconspicuous testing of suspect spots:

  • Confirm spots identified by your pest control professional is caused by bed bugs
  • Travellers test suspicious marks in their hotel room
  • Students test surfaces in their dorm room
  • Business owners reassure concerned staff questioning suspected fecal marks
  • Test clothing and furniture, especially second-hand items, before purchase

Be sure to read John Furman's, aka 'Killer Queen', product review on the Bedbugger website.

Note:  product should be stored at 59 - 86 F (15 - 30 C). Keep away from heat and light. Do not refrigerate.